Managing Directors

Glenn Bernabeo
Glenn S. Bernabeo
Head, SSG, Real Estate and Health Care
Sophea Chau
Senior Managing Director
Mitch Fenimore
Mitchell Fenimore
Managing Director, Private Equity
Thomas A. Hill
Managing Director
John A. Lee
Head, Commercial, Industrial and Services
Chip Marshall
Joseph W. “Chip” Marshall, III
Vice Chairman, Griffin Holdings Group LLC
Michael McCauley
Michael J. McCauley, CTP, CIRA
Managing Director, Special Situations Group
Samuel A. McCullough
Chairman Emeritus, Griffin Holdings
Todd McMahon
Todd McMahon
Senior Managing Director
Rich Quad
Richard L. Quad
Head, Depository Institutions
Ken Wanko
Kenneth J. Wanko
Senior Managing Director, ESOP Group
Thomas G. Whalen
Head, SSG, Health Care and Real Estate


Beth Abbott
Elizabeth A. Abbott
Compliance Officer, Griffin Holdings Group LLC
Scott Noah
Scott I. Noah
Chief Compliance Officer