Griffin provides licensed insurance carriers and other risk bearing entities, insurance agencies, MGAs, MGUs and other producers, as well as TPAs and other insurance business service providers with a broad range of strategic, financial and transactional investment banking services. Griffin also represents state insurance departments in connection with the disposition of assets held by the department as a rehabilitator or liquidator, and serves as financial advisor to departments in connection with their approval of complex insurance transactions. Griffin is especially experienced in assisting mutual insurance companies explore their strategic options.

Griffin has worked with the state legislatures and insurance departments of Pennsylvania, Delaware and North Dakota in structuring mutual-to-stock conversion legislation. As a result of these legislative innovations, nine mutual or reciprocal insurance companies have been able to fund organic growth and acquisitions.

Griffin and its affiliated companies provide a wide range of investment banking, advisory and legal services to insurance and insurance-related companies, including:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Recapitalizations
  • Renewal Rights Transactions
  • Loss Portfolio Transfers
  • Run-off Transactions
  • Demutualization
  • Strategic Alternative Studies and Capital Planning
  • Surplus Note Transactions
  • Mutual Holding Company Formation
  • Insurance Linked Securities
  • Redomestication
  • Government Affairs including creation and drafting of legislation
  • Risk Management
  • Growth Strategies
  • Alternative Market Structures including captives and RRGs
  • Reinsurance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • FINRA licensing compliance
  • Coverage analysis and defense including coverage disputes in bankruptcy

Griffin assists insurance companies and insurance producers in public offerings related to demutualizations, institutional placements, sales, syndication and other capital markets activities.

Griffin has a national reach and can serve insurance-related businesses wherever they are located. Our analytical, modeling and research talent, coupled with a number of proprietary research tools, enhance our ability to deliver the highest value to our clients.

Griffin professionals have unique experience in the insurance industry that sets us apart from other firms:

  • Jeff Waldron, Co-Head of the Financial Institutions Group/Insurance, advises on mergers and acquisitions and capital formation. He was involved in structuring the Pennsylvania Insurance Company Mutual-to-Stock Conversion Act and was similarly involved in Delaware’s demutualization legislation. For more than 25 years, he has worked with insurance companies and other financial institutions in more than 100 M&A transactions and has advised them in dozens of public and private capital raises, including surplus note, mutual holding company and demutualization transactions
  • Jeff Harenza, Co-Head of the Financial Institutions Group/Insurance, advises public insurance companies, private insurance-related providers and other financial institutions in connection with mergers and acquisitions and accessing alternative sources of capital
  • Scott Burgess has more than 40 years of experience as a senior executive officer with a number of large insurers and reinsurers and brings that industry executive experience to Griffin
  • Alex Clark has more than 30 years of insurance industry investment banking experience and has completed more than 15 M&A transactions, three mutual-to-stock conversion transactions and over 75 initial and secondary public equity and debt offerings in the insurance industry